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CEO Message

Global Trendsetter, Hoshin Textile

Hello, I am Mr. Lee Suk-ki, CEO of Hoshin Textile.
Since the company foundation, Hoshin Fiber has been devoted to producing polyester fiber for more than 30 years, and committed to R & D to provide high-quality products which can deserve customers' trust.
As a result, we are supplying high quality polyester fabrics to the domestic market as well as international markets-Europe, America and Middle East.

In a rapidly changing environment, the self-defense fibers have become aware of the importance of hardware investments, such as improved facilities, increased production equipment, and software, such as trend leader, printing, and materials design.
Now, if you look at European companies called the Fiber Fashion powerhouse, you can see that software differentiation is the only way forward in the world market. In keeping with this trend, we want to take another leap in self-defense.

New 2012 Self-Defense Fiber Brand T : WAVE identifies the market trend and consumer demand, and proposes a higher sensitivity, higher quality polyester fiber.
We want to become a true global setter with leading products that will compete against advanced European markets without a hitch.

I think the key to success in the volatile textile fashion market is the eyes that read the changing trends and ears that listen to the sound of customers.
Self-protection fibers will be your partner's eyes and ears.

Hoshin Textile Co.,Ltd.CEO : Lee, Suk-kiCompany Registration Number : 515-81-05772
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