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Daegu Gyeongbuk being able to see a job - Textile company 'Hoshin Textile'  


"Textile industries rapidly go around in conjunction with fashion and the cycle of clothing market typically. We can communicate with the major buyers of worldwide textile and clothing market and have an opportunity to develop products because most of our customers are located in Europe, Americas and Middle East. Textile industries are suitable for the young people who have challenge spirit and owner ship."


Seokgi Lee, representative of Hoshin Textile Co., Ltd, looked like that he has a strong affection on the textile industries. Since he joined the Sunkyung Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd in 1976, he has walked along one way. He had worked in Sunkyung Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd from 1976 to 1984, established Hoshin Textile in 1990 and has led to textile industries of Daegu Gyeongbuk. Seokgi Lee was appointed to chairman of Daegu-Gyeongbuk Textile Industry Cooperative and has been striving to develop textile industries of Daegu Gyeongbuk.



Affection for textile industries of representative Seokgi Lee was also revealed in his business philosophy. He said, "Corporation's progress has to be made with partner's growth but corporations aim to pursuit profits. Hoshin Textile is being managed under the philosophy of developing with partners. Hoshin Textile desires to be a partner that helps growth with customers under a vision of

respect for human, creative challenge and responsibility.



Representative Seokgi Lee emphasized that young people within the region must have owner spirit. He said, "We put emphasis on owner ship on the works assigned and whether he understand his works assigned deeply. We tend to prefer talented persons who have responsibility and owner ship on the works assigned. New employees need to understand industries and functions in order to apply their high enthusiasm which they conceive. For this mentioned previously, upgrades one step are needed and such friends who have owner ship will achieve this investing their time."




"Communications and exchanges with buyers all countries of the world and being able to read and respond fashion market streams"


Hoshin Textile Co., Ltd that has head office in Gyeongbuk Gyeongsan city Jinliang town was estabished in 1990 and professionally manufactures and produces polyester fibers.


Hoshin Textile has strived for research and development based on customer's trust.  As a result Hoshin Textile is exporting polyester fibers to global market such as Europe, Americas and Middle East, etc as well as domestic market.


Hoshin Textile focuses on research and development and is expanding its areas trying for not only existing materials for clothing but also development of composite materials of eco-friendly internal materials for vehicles  to stand on tiptoe as a global corporation leading the world market. Textiles which this corporation is producing are boasting more outstanding aesthetics than those of other companies. 

Hoshin Textile highlighted differentiation of materials maximizing sensual requisites like touch feelings and textures of materials.

Hoshin Textile develops the materials of high sensibility and high quality being one step ahead and manufactures and produces its own products, figuring out market trends and customer's needs in advance every season.


Hoshin Textile substituted manpowers highly professional for company members to be competitive and intensified professionalism applying the manpowers with expertises.

It is possible that product development research progress which is in-depth is available because the manpowers with expertises are put on production lines. Through this Hoshin Textile developed such emotional materials of polyester fibers which are similar to various kinds of natural fibers.

Synthetic textiles of natural sensibility are popular to be equipped with antifouling, crease resistance and price competitiveness compared with natural fibers. In addition, Hoshin Textile is concentrating on human-friendly functionality textile developments.

Hoshin Textile was successful in material development that is able to satisfy warm and cold feeling performance simultaneously from the only one regulating warm and cold feeling performance generated when skins contact fibers.


Currently Hoshin Textile is doing development business of high charged type Kenaf composite material for internal materials of vehicles with institute of parts of an automobile and Dyetec institute.

Hoshin Textile is accelerating research developments to progress the primary delivery to demand enterprises running into completion of prototype developments and to progress mass productions from next year.

Hoshin Textile has attended a funding project that Korea Small and Medium Business Corporation Gyeongbuk southern region supports, Export Business Policy Fund Support Project and Tomorrow Fill Deduction, etc and has achieved results.

Through incessant research, development and investment, Hoshin Textile was recognized as a small and medium-sized company with a substantial presence, being designated as Small And Medium Export Companies in 2015, winning a Tower Of Exports in 2017(export five million dollars achievement) and being designated as Global Small And Medium Enterprises.


Hoshin Textile is improving employee welfares as well as corporation growths actively. To promote harmony and friendship among employees, Hoshin Textile carries out a workshop and supports Chinese lessons so as to improve employees' foreign language skills.

And to increase employees' personal capabilities Hoshin Textile has employees share knowledge needed for work progress through move among departments and determines yearly salary increase through end-of-year performance evaluation. Hoshin Textile has been preparing selective welfare system to be applied for creating a work environment that employees want to work for.



























Hoshin Textile Co.,Ltd.CEO : Lee, Suk-kiCompany Registration Number : 515-81-05772
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