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'Gyeongbuk PRIDE Products' 6 Corporations Newly Designated

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Writer HOSHIN Textile Hit 3,202EA Date 19-03-14 14:31


Six corporations' products in Gyeongbuk-do were newly designated as 'Gyeongbuk PRIDE Products'.

According to Gyeongbuk-do on December 16th, it has been selecting corporations' products that have growth potential in global market as 'Gyeongbuk PRIDE Products' every year. 

This year 6 corporations' products of Jechim of Neetexjechim Co., Ltd, plastic OLED stain test and Bosang-gi of Dooonetech Co., Ltd, 'absorption chillers and absorption cold/hot water heaters' of Worldenergy Co., Ltd, mesh fabrics of Wintex Co., Ltd, adhesive machines of Hana and 'natural sensibility fabric materials for women's clothing' of Hoshin Textile Co., Ltd were designated.

Gyeongbuk-do is due to foster the 74 corporations' products including 6 corporations' products as mentioned above as Gyeongbuk type small giants by supporting customized exports, such as overseas market development team dispatch, export consultation hosting, consulting provision and promotion material manufacturing. 

Especially 6 corporations were listed in Global Small Giants of Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Also, Gyeongbuk type small giants upbringing measures are having an effect practically for example Jeonwoo Co., Ltd was designated as 'Worldclass 300' that is supervised by Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of SMEs and Startups.


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