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Eco-friendly Materials Developed of Hoshin Textile Co., Ltd

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Writer HOSHIN Textile Hit 3,644EA Date 19-03-13 14:23


Hoshin Textile that is located in Gyeongsan Gyeongbuk represented by Lee Suk-ki was successful in developing manufacturing techniques where kenaf composite materials for interior materials for vehicles are made and is trying to make a difference from a textile company to a company for material development. Hoshin Textile presented on 6th that it succeeded in developing the new materials where polypropylene and kenaf are plaited in 2 years, it had participated in professional material technology development business since 2016 striving to develop kenaf composite materials for automotive interior parts participated by researchers of Automotive Components Research Institute(Korea Dyeing Technology Research Institute) and researchers of Dyetec Research Institute. Lee Jun-ho, Director of Management Planning, who is a group chairman’s son who succeeds to his father’s business said that there were a lot of problems to modify raw material properties physicochemically so as to have injection processing better in the course of producing interior materials and making part material strength stronger using natural substances. Creative Development Team Leader of Dyetec Research Institute, Kim Sang-ryong, said that green material developments have a significant meaning on account of the stronger environmental regulation in developed countries that to sell vehicles is not available if recycled materials’ proportion is less than 95% from 2015 in EU. As Gyeongsangbuk-do is planning to both develop environmentally friendly materials and found Ma Textile Business Center applying Ma textiles, this corporation is scheduled to be equipped with mass production equipment and go into productions from next year at the earliest. Lee Jun-ho, Director of Management Planning, expanded manpower and launched new products successively through research and development. This corporation produced high functional warm and cold feeling performance materials for senior, alternative fibers of high water-repellent function and customized materials for global SPA brands exporting to global corporations in Europe and Middle East such as ZARA, MANGO in Spain, TOPSHOP as well as NEXT in England.

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